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Executive Coach

‘We cannot 

 change what 

 we are not

 aware of.’

Sheryl Sandberg


Boost self-awareness and confidence to build your strategy and impact as a leader.


It’s not easy to see ourselves properly and this can have a significant effect on our ability to lead and manage effectively. Executive coaching helps us to truly see who we are and get back in touch with the best of ourselves; to refocus and reset.


Welcome to the room of reflecting. Working with Jürgen within a safe and trusted environment, you will gain perspective to discover solutions and actions together that will build your strategy and impact as a leader. You will explore ways to navigate political turbulence in order to embrace politics positively, understand ways to deal with organizational complexity and drive better-decision making.


Jürgen’s techniques build greater self-awareness and an increase in self-confidence through the process of personal exploration. This can have a profound effect on improving performance, targets and goals, and enable you to bring more of yourself into the workplace.


Coaching Sessions

Through Jürgen’s high-impact one-to-one approach, he gets to the heart of the matter - to the very core of what fuels you - to open up and unlock new ways of thinking.


The journey along the path of conversation will produce inspiring breakthroughs and add new, enriching perspectives. Jürgen holds these sessions face to face or as remote coaching calls. Either way, each meeting will be powerful and impactful.

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