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Chief Transformation Officer

‘Companies that take the time

 to identify and shift deep-seated

 mindsets were 4x more likely to

 rate their change programs as


McKinsey Quarterly Transformational Change Survey, 2010


Address the psychological readjustment of transformation for the sustainability of change.


​Leading change is challenging. Leaders face difficult choices, trade-off’s, conflicting priorities, new ways of working, and the need to take risks. Organisations don’t change. People change. The effectiveness of change lies in the hands of the people leading and undertaking the change.


A transformation is the reorientation people need to make in response to the change. Transformation is a flow from one state to the next. Each transformation needs clear steering and interventions for successful outcomes. Transformation is systemic, whether we like it or not. We manage transformations across four working streams:

• Intention, Strategy, Business Model

• Digital Architecture & Organizational Setup

• Culture Games & Narratives

• Legacy Handling & Capabilities

The psychological readjustment to change is critically important to ensure the sustainability of change. Transformation management needs careful consideration in order to lead employees successfully through the change journey. Jürgen’s techniques focus on reorientation - psychological, structural and procedural readjustment - in response to change. The approach identifies where people are now in their psychological change journey and defines ways in which to mobilize them during transformation.


Chief Transformation Officer

After full exploration of work streams, the transformation drumbeat is set. Acting as your pacemaker, Jürgen supports you to generate traction across all stakeholders, maintaining rhythm and pace to drive a positive and effective transition.

Transformation Management Consulting

For organisations with internal transformation managers, Jürgen acts as support partner, advising and offering intervention with a focus on actions and results. He will advise on applying the right methods and approach for specific transformation needs.

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