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System Design

‘Whoever pursues a

 business in this world must

 have a  system.’



Define management systems that drive organizational performance, create value and endure.


Management systems need to create sustainable value for multiple stakeholders – employees, suppliers, partners, society and the environment. To achieve this, successful leaders need to take the role of ‘architect'; designing systems that drive organizational performance and create long-lasting results. Approaches often fail as they only address short-term issues or are focused on individual components rather than taking a total systems holistic perspective.


Jürgen’s techniques design high-performing, future oriented management systems by fully understanding the needs and perspectives of diverse stakeholders and teams.

This might hurt! Stepping outside of our safe zones can be uncomfortable.

Jürgen will be your objective sparring partner, and through constructive interrogation will identify what is working well, surface tensions and issues, and realize future scenarios or improvements. 


Management System Analysis – optimizing existing management systems

The MS Analysis follows a participative approach with the management team. Techniques assess the nature of the existing system; the purpose, benefits, functionality, objectives and results. The approach identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement and realizes future scenarios as a roadmap for optimum system design across leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement, knowledge management, workforce and process management.

Agile Management System Implementation

Agile is a way of thinking for collaborative problem-solving that drives customer centricity. In today’s world, adopting a system that allows you to respond to inevitable change and uncertainty without delay or impacting delivery makes good business sense. Jürgen helps you find and implement the right agile framework, or combination of structures, that meet your specific needs so that your management system is fit for purpose; flexible, efficient, transparent, capable of producing higher quality output.

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