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Team Building

Human connections underpin the role of future leaders, and the survival and success of organizations in the post-digital age.


Create high-performing leadership team systems.


Most Leadership teams come together by default. Differences amongst teams are necessary, much like a sports team: you wouldn’t select a football team with eleven goalkeepers. Issues can surface when leaders - find themselves in the same room suddenly trying to play the same game; a game they need to identify and work out how to play together. Leaders shape a company’s future. It is essential that they work well enough together to deal with whatever their organisation faces.


Jürgen’s method focuses on engaging leaders to drive progress and innovation that helps elevate organisational competitiveness. The group addresses team performance rather than individual contributions, to create a high-performing leadership team system. Jürgen will engage participants to work through real-life current issues; as leaders you will be challenged in a safe environment, and co-create together to open up the social gates for better problem-solving.


This is imagination and empathy at work.


Leadership Team Building Workshops

The approach explores the depths of team relationships and dynamics, values and beliefs and identify the secrets of success to collaborate fully and intentionally. Through Jürgen’s unique workshop methods, the group will solve real issues together and define the right leadership system.

Leadership Team Facilitation

Complementary to the Leadership Team Building Workshop, Jürgen provides facilitation to guide teams from an operational perspective – redesigning processes, ways of working or communications for a high performing leadership system.

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