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Organizational Development

Success brings growth, growth brings complexity and complexity can disrupt cultures.


Optimize organizational design and modelling to outperform competitors


Driven by the unrelenting, accelerating pace of change, the importance of organizational development has grown in recent years to become one of the most critical practices an organization needs to embrace to maintain levels of performance and achieve goals.

A high-performing organization follows a clear path on how it intends to create competitive advantage and sustain it. Creating and protecting competitive advantage through organizational development requires deep exploration and an understanding of core values, beliefs and culture. 


Executive Update on Organizational Development

Using the latest research and methodologies, I support leaders in essential decision making for organizational design and modelling to achieve competitive advantage. My approach considers current and specific organizational needs, and identifies ways to foster development for future needs.

Management System Design

Management System Design

‘Whoever pursues a
 business in this
 world must have a



Define management systems that drive organizational performance, create value and endure


Management systems need to create sustainable value for multiple stakeholders – employees, suppliers, partners, society and the environment. To achieve this, successful leaders need to take the role of ‘architect'; designing systems that drive organizational performance and create long-lasting results. Approaches often fail as they only address short-term issues or are focused on individual components rather than taking a total systems holistic perspective.


My techniques design high-performing, future oriented management systems by fully understanding the needs and perspectives of diverse stakeholders and teams.


This might hurt! Stepping outside of our safe zones can be uncomfortable.

I will be your objective sparring partner, and through constructive interrogation we will identify what is working well, surface tensions and issues, and realize future scenarios or improvements.


Management System Analysis – optimizing existing management systems

The MS Analysis follows a participative approach with the management team. We assess the nature of the existing system; the purpose, benefits, functionality, objectives and results. We discover strengths and opportunities for improvement and realize future scenarios as a roadmap for optimum system design across leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement, knowledge management, workforce and process management.


Agile Management System Implementation

Agile is a way of thinking for collaborative problem-solving that drives customer centricity. In today’s world, adopting a system that allows you to respond to inevitable change and uncertainty without delay or impacting delivery makes good business sense. I help you find and implement the right agile framework, or combination of structures, that meet your specific needs so that your management system is fit for purpose; flexible, efficient, transparent, capable of producing higher quality output.

Chief Transformation Officer

Transition Management

‘Companies that take
 the time to identify and
 shift deep-seated
 mindsets were 4x more
 likely to rate their
 change programs as

 McKinsey Quarterly Transformational Change Survey, 2010


Address the psychological readjustment of transition for the sustainability of change.


Leading change is challenging. Leaders face difficult choices, trade-off’s, conflicting priorities, new ways of working, and the need to take risks. Organisations don’t change. People change. The effectiveness of change lies in the hands of the people leading and undertaking the change.


A transition is the reorientation people need to make in response to the change. Transition is a flow from one state to the next. Each transition needs clear steering and interventions for successful outcomes. Transition is systemic, whether we like it or not. We manage transition across four working streams:

• Intention, Strategy, Business Model

• Digital Architecture & Organizational Setup

• Culture Games & Narratives

• Legacy Handling & Capabilities


Transition management is not a ‘nice to have’. The psychological readjustment to change is of paramount importance to ensure the sustainability of change. My transition management techniques focus on reorientation - psychological, structural and procedural readjustment in response to change. We identify where people are now in their psychological change journey and define ways in which to mobilize stakeholders during transition.


Transition Pacemaker

After full exploration of work streams, we set the transition drumbeat. Acting as your pacemaker, I support you to generate traction across all stakeholders, maintaining rhythm and pace to drive a positive and effective transition.

Transition Management Consulting

For organisations with internal transition managers, I act as support partner, advising and offering intervention with a focus on actions and results. I advise on applying the right methods and approach for specific transition needs.

Leadership Team Building

Leadership Team Building

Human connections underpin the role of future leaders, and the survival and success of organizations in the post-digital age.


Create high-performing leadership team systems.


Most Leadership teams come together by default. Differences amongst teams are necessary, much like a sports team: you wouldn’t select a football team with eleven goalkeepers. Issues can surface when leaders - find themselves in the same room suddenly trying to play the same game; a game they need to identify and work out how to play together. Leaders shape a company’s future. It is essential that they work well enough together to deal with whatever their organisation faces.


My approach focuses on engaging leaders to drive progress and innovation that helps elevate organisational competitiveness. We focus on team performance rather than individual contributions, creating a high-performing leadership team system. As leaders you will be challenged in a safe environment, improve communication within groups, and work together to open up the social gates for better problem-solving.


Leadership Team Building Workshops

We explore the depths of our team relationships and dynamics, our values and beliefs and share secrets of success to collaborate fully and intentionally. Through my unique workshop methods, we solve real issues together and define the right leadership system for you.

Leadership Team Facilitation

Complementary to the Leadership Team Building Workshop, I provide facilitation to guide teams from an operational perspective – redesigning processes, ways of working or communications for a high performing leadership system.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

‘We cannot
 change what
 we are not
 aware of.’

Sheryl Sandberg


Boost self-awareness and confidence to build your strategy and impact as a leader.


It’s not easy to see ourselves properly and this can have a significant effect on our ability to lead and manage effectively. Executive coaching helps us to truly see who we are and get back in touch with the best of ourselves; to refocus and reset.


Welcome to the room of reflecting. Within a safe and trusted environment, we gain perspective to discover solutions and actions together that will build your strategy and impact as a leader. We explore ways to navigate political turbulence in order to embrace politics positively, understand ways to deal with organizational complexity and drive better-decision making.


My approach builds greater self-awareness and an increase in self-confidence through the process of personal exploration. This can have a profound effect on improving performance, targets and goals, and enable you to bring more of yourself into the workplace.


Coaching Sessions


Through my high-impact one-to-one approach, we get to the heart of the matter - to the very core of what fuels you - to open up and unlock new ways of thinking.


The journey along our path of conversation will produce inspiring breakthroughs and add new, enriching perspectives. I hold these sessions face to face or as remote coaching calls. Either way, each meeting will be powerful and impactful.

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